Take Something Literally is a collection of 25 riddles or mini-games. The only rule to this game is to take the hints literally, what your looking for is always right in front of you. The puzzles are simple and the graphics are minimal. The difficulty comes from trying to figure out what the instructions intend for you to do in this puzzle.


The game is about solving the mini-puzzle to advance to the next level. Read the title, read whatever is on the game screen, and do what it says. The object of the game is to follow instructions to figure out the solution to the level. It sometimes plays differently from your average puzzle game, requiring you to use things outside the game screen to find a few answers. You may be required to think outside the box, outside the game's window that is. Using your mic, you can affect some puzzles, but don't worry if you don't have a mic. Those puzzles always have another solution. If you are stuck on a puzzle, the game always offer hints, but these hints are only available after a set amount of time for each level. In some levels, this could be as high as 5 minutes.

The game comes in 26 different languages available from a drop-down menu in the first screen of the game. There is also an option to contact the developer if you wish to help translate the game into yet another language. There is a sequel to this game called Take Something Literally 2. The sequel does not have any badges.


  • Some times the game won't load properly. If this happens, try right clicking on the game area and click "forward".



  This Is a Badge
Medium pts
Take Something Literally » Complete any 10 puzzles

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