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FISHPEDIA FORMAT: Fish Name (Lure Types) MAX Weight, lbs [Locations: MC, LH, BS, BW, PSP]


Almaco Jack (Bait, Spoon) 24.92 lbs [BW] Caught by Onemetallica1

Amberjack (Bait, Jig, Plug) 10.9 lbs [BS, BW]

American Freshwater Shad (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 5.14 lbs [MC]

American Saltwater Shad (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 4.46 lbs [BS] Caught by ToAsTyPaNcAkEs

Atlantic Spadefish (Bait, Fly) 4.79 lbs [BW] Caught by Onemetallica1

Atlantic Sturgeon (Bait, Fly, Jig) 714.7 lbs [BS]

Banded Rudderfish (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 11.63 lbs [BS]

Bank Seabass (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 4.29 lbs [BS]

Black Crappie (Bait, Jig, Spoon) 3.77 lbs [MC, LH, PSP] Caught by Onemetallica

Black Drum (Bait, Jig, Plug) 86.22 lbs [BS] Caught by SteeleRod

Black Grouper (Bait, Jig) 107.29 lbs [BW] Caught by nireus

Black Seabass (Bait) 6.84 lbs [BW] Edit

Blackfin Snapper (Bait, Spoon) 11.5 lbs [BS]

Blacktip Shark (Bait, Jig, Plug) 129.01 lbs [BS, BW] Caught by nireus

Blue Catfish (Bait, Fly, Spoon) 46.43 lbs [MC, PSP] Caught by SteeleRod

Bluefish (Bait, Fly, Jig, Plug) 19.54 lbs [BS, BW]

Bluegill (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 2.95 lbs [LH, PSP]  Caught by Onemetallica1

Blue Marlin (Bait, Jig) 344.45 lbs [BS]

Blue Tilapia (Bait, Fly, Plug) 4.4 lbs [MC, LH, PSP]

Bonefish (Bait, Fly) 14.78 lbs [BS, BW] Caught by SteeleRod

Bonnethead Shark (Bait, Jig, Plug) 19.89 lbs [BS]

Bowfin (Bait, Fly, Jig, Plug) 17.8 lbs [MC]

Brown Bullhead (Bait, Spoon) 5.33 lbs [LH, PSP]

Brown Hoplo (Bait, Fly) 0.95 lbs [PSP]

Cero Mackerel (Bait, Fly, Jig, Plug, Spoon) 30 lbs [BS, BW]

Channel Catfish (Bait, Spoon) 39.53 lbs [MC] Caught by Richardlio

Common Carp (Bait, Plug) 31.23 lbs [PSP] Caught by Onemetallica1

Crevalle Jack (Bait, Jig, Plug, Spoon) 64.56 lbs [BS]

Cubera Snapper (Bait, Jig, Plug) 112.53 lbs [BS, BW]

Dog Snapper (Bait, Spoon) 39.11 lbs [BW] Caught by SteeleRod

Dolphin (Bait, Plug, Spoon) 76.2 lbs [BS]

Fantail Mullet (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 1.32 lbs [BS, BW] Caught by Richardlio

Fat Snook (Bait, Spoon) 34.61lbs [BS, BW] Caught by SteeleRod

Florida Gar (Fly, Plug, Spoon) 9.1 lbs [LH]

Gag Grouper (Bait, Jig, Spoon) 76.67 lbs [BW] Caught by JoshinatorKy

Goliath Grouper (Bait, Jig, Plug) 651.39 lbs [BS]

Grass Carp (Bait, Fly, Spoon) 38.96 lbs [PSP] Caught by Richardlio

Greater Amberjack (Bait, Jig, Plug) 141.33 lbs [BS, BW] Caught by nireus

Gulf Flounder (Bait, Jig) 16.23 lbs [BW]

Jolthead Porgy (Bait, Plug) 22.25 lbs [BS, BW] Caught by nireus

King Mackerel (Bait, Jig, Plug, Spoon) 89.59 lbs [BS]

Ladyfish (Bait, Spoon) 5.23 lbs [BS, BW]

Largemouth Bass (Bait, Fly) 24.58 lbs [MC, LH] <<<<< (BIGGEST FISH IN LH!!!)

Nassau Grouper (Bait, Plug, Spoon) 19.5 lbs [BW] caught by kyLepuge

Oscar (Bait, Fly, Jig, Spoon) 4.96 lbs [MC, LH, PSP]

Peacock Bass (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 7.99 lbs [PSP]

Queen Snapper (Bait, Jig, Plug) 11.96 lbs [BS]

Redbreast Sunfish (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 2.06 lbs [LH, PSP] Caught by Somebody613

Red Snapper (Bait, Fly, Jig, Plug, Spoon) 46.76 lbs [BS, BW, PSP] Caught by JoshinatorKy

Sailfish (Bait, Jig, Plug) 123.21 lbs [BS]

Sharpnose Shark (Bait, Spoon) 15.06 lbs [BS]

Shortfin Mako (Bait, Jig) 903.8 lbs [BS, BW] <<<<< (BIGGEST FISH!!!)

Snook (Bait, Jig, Plug) 43.8 lbs [MC, BW] <<<<< (BIGGEST FISH IN MC!!!)

Spearfish (Bait, Jig, Plug) 106.01 lbs [BS]

Spotted Bass (Bait, Fly, Plug) 2.64 lbs [LH, PSP] Caught by SteeleRod

Spotted Sunfish (Bait, Fly, Plug) 0.64 lbs [MC]

Spotted Tilapia (Bait, Fly) 1.17 lbs [MC, LH, PSP] Caught by Richardlio

Striped Bass (Bait, Fly, Spoon) 11.91 lbs [PSP] Caught by Onemetallica1

Sunshine Bass (Bait, Fly, Spoon) 15.0 lbs [PSP]

Swordfish (Bait, Fly, Jig) 225.59 lbs [BS] Caught by Somebody613

Wahoo (Bait, Fly, Jig, Plug) 87.51 lbs [BS] Caught by warhero2019303

Walking Catfish (Bait, Spoon) 3.6 lbs [MC, LH]

Warmouth (Bait, Fly, Plug, Spoon) 2.40 lbs [LH, PSP] Caught by ToAsTyPaNcAkEs

White Catfish (Bait, Fly, Spoon) 17.89 lbs [MC] Caught by nireus

Whitefin Marlin (Bait, Jig, Fly, Plug) 148.34 lbs [BS]

White Grunt (Bait, Plug) 14.51 lbs [BS, BW]

Yellow Bullhead (Bait, Fly) 1.97 lbs [LH, PSP] Caught by ToAsTyPaNcAkEs

Yellowtail Snapper (Bait, Spoon) 8.75 lbs [BS, BW]

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