Storm the House 2 is a shooting game created by Ivory. It is defense game in which the player must kill enemies that are attacking the base. Storm the House 2 is an upgraded version of Storm the House. It has the same graphics as the original game, but a lot more functions and upgrades. A sequel called Storm the House 3 was released in 2008.


The player must prevent the stick figures from destroying the player's stronghold. The crosshair is mouse controlled and the player shoots by left clicking. The player has to reload manually with the space bar. When the stronghold's health reaches zero, it's game over. The goal of the game is to survive as many days as possible.

There are four different difficulty settings; Easy, Normal, Hard and Why God? The health of the enemies depends on the difficulty setting. During the day, the player must kill the stick figures that are trying to destroy the stronghold. Enemies appear in waves during the day, increasing in difficulty each day. Killing enemies reward the player with money to spend after each day ends. Between each day, the player may purchase weapons, ammunition and upgrades for the base.


At the end of every day in the game, the player may repair the base and purchase upgrades. The base can be upgraded with gunmen which automatically fire at the enemies. Repairmen constantly repair the base while damaged. Gunmen and Repairmen does not have an initial cost, but require wages paid every day. The base can be upgraded with missile silos which fire at the enemies and the silos are manned by silo workers. The player can also buy more ammunition for their weapon, increase the clip size or purchase new weapons.


Your starting weapon is a normal pistol. The weapons you can purchase all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The weapons can not be upgraded except for clip size on each weapon. Once you purchase a weapon, you can't go back to the normal pistol, but you can buy the dual pistols.

  • Dual Pistols - Twice the fire rate of an ordinary pistol
  • SMG - Rapid fire
  • Shotgun - Slow fire rate and a long (but interruptible) reload rate, hits multiple enemies
  • Machine Gun - Rapid fire
  • Grenade Launcher - Slow fire rate, but the explosions may take out lots of enemies
  • Sniper Rifle - Can take out infantry in one shot and pierce tank armor
  • Gravity Cannon - Mysterious weapon recovered from a UFO crash site
  • Old Glory - The fastest fire rate in the game

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