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Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy is a free-roaming, action-packed, top-down space shooter game.


Choose between Humans or Aliens, battle your way up the ranks by doing various types of missions, buying and upgrading ships, buying and installing a large range of weapons and utilities and mining asteroids. Players can team up by joining gangs. There is a large galaxy to explore, divided into 400 sectors containing space stations, planets, black holes, worm holes and more. In order to play against other players, you have to travel to the multiplayer sections.


The multiplayer sections which lets you fight against other players was removed and support was discontinued. Ben Olding Games stated that the game had hacker problems for a long time and eventually someone managed to delete all the user accounts and break the game. After attempting to fix it and receiving a lot of complaints, the developer decided that it was taking too much time and chose to remove the website and the game from the site. The game is still playable on Kongregate, but without the multiplayer sectors.

Note: Multiplayer has been disabled due to hackers deleting accounts.

Former BadgesEdit

Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy was removed on December 29, 2012. These badges can no longer be obtained.
Beats Mowing Lawns
  Beats Mowing Lawns Badge
Easy pts
Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy » Mine, deliver, or kill your way to $3,500
  Missionary Badge
Medium pts
Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy » Complete 5 assassination missions
Warship Destroyer
  Warship Destroyer Badge
Hard pts
Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy » Destroy 801 warships to unlock the Destroyer or Warship

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