Splitter is a physics puzzle game created by Eugene Karataev. The object of the game is to get the smiley face to the exit.


The game revolves around getting the smiley face to the exit. In order to do this, you must use your mouse to cut pieces of wood and joints. There are 25 levels and each has a star to collect. The star is collected when the smiley touches them to pick them up and makes it to the exit.


The following will provide an explanation on how to beat each level.

1.Hello, World!Edit

Starting on the left side of the smiley, cut diagonally towards the exit.

2.Hello, JointsEdit

Cut the diagonal joint.


Cut diagonally next to the brick on the left.


Time your cut so that the swinging metal is on the left, then cut the Smiley free.


Cut the horizontal wood vertically directly next to the wood that is holding it up on the right side. Then, cut the metal ball free.


Cut the corner that the joint is connected to free, but do not cut the joint. While the smiley is swinging time it so that when you cut the joint, it will land in the exit.


Cut the wood on the left in half diagonally and let the smiley roll.


There is most likely a better way to do this
Wait for the smiley to get near the wall on the left side and then cut the larger joint then the smaller joint. It should slowly roll into the exit.


There is most likely a better way to do this
Cut through the middle of the first wooden block (the one the smiley is on). Then wait for you smiley to fall through and cut the left joint of the second.


There is most likely a better way to do this
Try it on your own! Good luck.


  It Slices! It Dices! Badge
Medium pts
Splitter » Complete any 15 levels
Rolling Star
  Rolling Star Badge
Hard pts
Splitter » Collect all 25 stars

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