The battle for Earth is over. Now, the war for the galaxy has begun. You must win every battle swiftly, decisively, and permanently.

Solarmax is a streamlined strategy game of interplanetary war. Colonize planets, build hundreds of starships, and use superior tactics to overwhelm your opponents. Command our entire fleet and lead us to victory.

Made by Nicotuason

Instructions Edit

- Hold left-click on your planet and drag onto a target planet to move ships - Drag over multiple planets to add to your selection - Drag the percentage slider at the bottom to change move percentage - A or LEFT ARROW to move percentage slider down - D or RIGHT ARROW to move percentage slider up - Number keys 1 – 0 to set percentage slider

Achievements Edit

Spiral Power (Easy) Edit

5 points, Conquer 10 planets

Light of 1000 Suns (Medium) Edit

15 points, Destroy 1000 enemy ships with lasers

Planifest Destiny (Hard) Edit

30 points, Earn 100 total stars

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