Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze is a spatial puzzle game where you must guide multiple colored balls through a maze simultaneously. You can't control the balls directly, only spin around the maze itself to control the direction the balls fall. The two ball creatures banter throughout the game, adding to their characterization.


Wiz and Waz are two spherical buddies who are just cruising through space one day and happen to get caught in a series of mazes. The player can't control the balls in any way, but can rotate the entire labyrinth so that Wiz and Waz fall their way around the maze towards the goal. There's a slight difference in the mass of the two balls. The red one is slightly heavier than the blue one, so if you give the maze a slight tilt, the red one usually moves around more. There is a total of 48 puzzles required to beat the game and earn the badge and most levels include some sort of puzzle element. There are buttons to open and gates to cross, both of which are often colored so they can only be activated by the correct color ball. Sometimes Wiz and Waz are connected through a magical energy string, so they cannot move far from each other, which adds a twist to some of the levels. Having one ball swing using the string may both be a restriction and a part of the solution for the level.


  • The game does not work under normal conditions. A number of people devised some ways around this - these methods can be seen here.
  • Due to the game not working under normal circumstances, the badges for this game were removed on Feb. 10th, 2014.

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