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Snail Bob 3 is a puzzle game where you activate gadgets to help a snail escape.


In this sequel to Snail Bob 2, you play as Bob again. Bob's grandfather shows him a neat-looking contraption that he is reluctant to let Bob touch. Bob goes against his better seeing judgement portal to Random Acts of Silence, he touches it when his grandfather call pizza and the portal is turned and finally Dr. Zomboss impales Ariel Tatum through the eyes with two pencils knocks out Bruna Romano with a book and the screen fades black she woke up she is found in a table and shreds her with a pencil sharpener and span Bubble Puppy in a wheeled chair and sliced him with a paper and a machete into the portal gun that appears. To get back to where he came from, you have to manipulate him and his surroundings to defeat him and to reach the return portal.

Here, the time taken to complete levels affects your score, but the score is unimportant. It is better to use some time to search for the stars, as they can net you the last badge. Stars (or parts of a star) either:

  • blend in with the surroundings
  • can only be seen when platforms or other things that block it are moved away
  • can only be found when you do things like pressing certain buttons
  • require fast reflexes.


  Desert Dash Badge
Easy pts
Snail Bob 3 » Complete 8 levels
  Snail of a Tale Badge
Medium pts
Snail Bob 3 » Complete all 25 levels and defeat the mummy
  Adept Archaeologist Badge
Medium pts
Snail Bob 3 » Locate all 75 stars

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