Sieger is a simple, but addictive game about destroying castles. A level pack with additional levels was released in May 2011.


Use your mouse to target parts of each fortress so you can bring it down and take out the people inside. You face the castle from the front and your projectile goes precisely where you aim it. The projectile blasts away parts of the castle and hopefully the rest of castle topples down with it. The goal of the game is to take out all the people in the castles using as few shots as possible. On some levels you must avoid killing the hostages which are marked by exclamation points over their heads.

There are three varieties of projectiles, a normal projectile, a diseased body projectile and an explosive projectile. The diseased body doesn't do as much damage as the other two, but it spreads a cloud of poison gas that takes out everything in its radius. On some levels you have a limited number of shots, but on every level the goal is to to use fewer shots than the "par" score for the level and earn a Gold medal on the level. If you want extra points, try to also break the gold chest on the level.


Loot War
  Loot War Badge
Easy pts
Sieger » Loot 10 castles
Siege and Destroy
  Siege and Destroy Badge
Medium pts
Sieger » Destroy all 29 castles
Demolition Domination
  Demolition Domination Badge
Medium pts
Sieger » Earn a gold rating on all 29 castles

Helpful LinksEdit

Official Game Guide

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