ShellShock Live is a multiplayer artillery game that features gameplay similar to the Worms game series. Players control tanks and shoot at each other using a wide array of weapons on a landscape that can be blown to bits.


  • Gameplay
  • After a game ends

All the players are divided into two teams and are placed on a landscape consisting of a single color. Each player is represented by a tank, which can be moved forwards and backwards on the landscape, limited each turn by fuel, which depletes as you move. Your aim and fire can be controlled either with the keyboard or the mouse. Simply point the aiming cone at the best angle, then determine the power of your shot by pulling the cone towards or away from the tank. Once set, launch your projectile and watch your shot curve towards your target, taking the wind into account. If you hit your target, you deal damage to your opponent as well as blow away a chunk of the terrain. From time to time, an earthquake resets the landscape by randomly generating a new terrain.

Players split evenly in two teams. You can't kill your opponents. Instead the goal is to do as much damage as possible to the other team, gaining score for the damage dealt. The game lasts a certain number of rounds and at the end of the game, the scores decide which team won. Successful shots earn the player experience, and winning a game adds bonuses. For each level up, you unlock new weapons, features or maps. Only registered players can earn xp, though. The weapons for each round are assigned randomly, pulling out of the pool you have available.

There is a large selection of weapons to fire, many of which are reminiscent of the Scorched Earth game. Multi-shots, splitting rockets, bouncing bullets and airdrops are all present, while additional weapons can be unlocked through gaining experience or by purchasing weapons packs in the game store. There are 10 weapon packs available.


Although the game does not require you to register an account to play, registered players gain access to more content. Aside from saving your progress by storing your experience gained, levels and weapon packs unlocked, you also gain access to the game's social features. There is a lobby chat and you can add other users to your friends list.


First Explosive Contact
  First Explosive Contact Badge
Easy pts
ShellShock Live » Deal 100 total damage during a single round
Advancing Armor
  Advancing Armor Badge
Medium pts
ShellShock Live » Win 3 games
Five-Ball Fury
  Five-Ball Fury Badge
Hard pts
ShellShock Live » Reach level 6 to unlock the Five-Ball weapon

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