Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 2 easy badges,
6 medium badges.
Difficulty Easy
Awards Scared Stiff Medal and 30 points

Scared Stiff is a quest in which you must get badges from horror games.

Quest DescriptionEdit

If you love the joy of getting scared to death, this is the quest for you. Zombies, creepy crawlies - this quest has everything needed to make you go AAAAAHHHH! Survive the gauntlet by completing each badge below to win the Scared Stiff Medal and 30 points!


Swarm! Swarm!
  Swarm! Swarm! Badge
Medium pts
Outpost:Haven » Defeat 10 waves in "swarm" mode
Ghost Riding
  Ghost Riding Badge
Medium pts
Ghostscape » Solve the ghastly mystery
Waking Life
  Waking Life Badge
Medium pts
Deep Sleep » Wake up
Perfect Shot
  Perfect Shot Badge
Easy pts
Town of Fears » Achieve a 100% perfect hit with any ability
  Something Fishy Badge
Medium pts
Alice is Dead - Ep 2 » Escape from prison
Go Toward the Light
  "Go Toward the Light" Badge
Medium pts
Neverending Light » Collect all 49 sprite droppings
Cruising to Craziness
  Cruising to Craziness Badge
Easy pts
The Necronomicon » Go insane, then finish the round (win or lose) and view the results
Super Happy Adventure Time
  Super Happy Adventure Time Badge
Medium pts
The Visitor » Guide your lovable visitor through his quest to destroy all in his path

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