SHIFT 4 is a puzzle platformer game. It is from Armor Games and is the sequel to SHIFT 3. The game includes player packs, a level editor, awards, and a special ending song unlocked upon beating the game. The game is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch.


In this puzzle platformer, your goal is to find your way through the maze and avoiding hazards. To find the correct path, you have to unlock gates by finding keys, manipulate the direction of gravity and shift yourself through negative space. The game is divided into five parts, all of them taking place on the same map. There's the Prologue, Chapters 1-3 and Conclusion parts. There is an in-game map showing which rooms are connected.

You have the ability to Shift into the negative space by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard. Shifting flips you beneath the floor on which you are standing, and reverses the gravity. It also swaps the color of the black and white blocks on a level, allowing you to move in the space that was previously solid and use what was previously empty space as solid platforms. Thus, if you were at the bottom of a pit, shifting will put you on the top of a height, allowing you to reach different areas.

The game features a level editor for users to create their own levels. If you've created a level, you can share the level code with other users so they can play your level. There are also two Player Packs with user created levels in the game.


  • Appreciator - Click credits in the extra's menu
  • Supporter - Click a game in the more shift menu (or click the ipod version)
  • Fake timer :P - Discover the fake timer by taking longer than 10 minutes by a chapter
  • Chapter 1 - Complete chapter 1
  • Foreclosure - Complete the challenge in room 16
  • Chapter 2 - Complete chapter 2
  • Chapter 3 - Complete chapter 3
  • Whoops - Fail the conclusion (get in the rocket or don't reach the end in 2 minutes)
  • Woots - Win the conclusion
  • Hardclass - Win the classic mode player hard pack


  Foreclosure Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 4 » Earn the Foreclosure medal
  Boom! Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 4 » Unlock the Whoops medal
  Black and White and Flippin' Out Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 4 » Earn the Woots medal
  Player Pack Attack Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 4 » Earn the Hardclass medal by completing the player-created levels


Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 104:55

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 1

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 2 (and Foreclosure)06:16

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 2 (and Foreclosure)

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 304:21

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 3

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Conclusion (Woots Whoops)04:41

Shift 4 Walkthrough - Story Mode - Conclusion (Woots Whoops)

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