SHIFT 2 is a puzzle platformer game from Armor Games and it is the sequel to SHIFT. This black and white game explores the use of negative space and plays around with gravity.


In this puzzle platformer, your goal is to avoid hazards while finding your way through each level. You control the game's protagonist with the keyboard as you move and jump to navigate the black platforms. What makes this game differ from other platformers is that you have the ability to Shift into the negative space by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard. Shifting flips you beneath the floor on which you are standing, and reverses the gravity. It also swaps the color of the black and white blocks on a level, allowing you to move in the space that was previously solid and use what was previously empty space as solid platforms. Thus, if you were at the bottom of a pit, shifting will put you on the top of a height, allowing you to reach different areas.

Each level has obstacles to get past in order to beat the level. In addition to the gravity changing when you shift, this game introduces to the series another way to change the gravity. There are blocks with arrows on them that changes the gravity to the direction of the arrow when you touch them. Landing on spikes will kill you, but since you have infinite lives, you just have to restart the level. Checkered blocks can be removed by collecting the correct light bulb symbol. There are also impassable platforms, which can be rotated out of the way by collecting the proper key. The challenge is finding out which paths lead to the exit for each level.

The game features a level editor for users to create their own levels. If you've created a level, you can share the level code with other users so they can play your level.


Collecting medals unlock the two secrets in the Secrets menu. Collecting 4 medals unlocks a teaser trailer for Indestructo Tank AE Micro. Collecting all 7 medals let's you play as the character from the first Shift game.

  • Beat the Game - Reach the last room
  • Joke's on me - Become master of the crosses
  • Title Trasher - Take on the might of the title screen
  • Speed Runner - Beat the game in 5 minutes
  • Appreciation - View the credits screen
  • Support the developers - Visit Armor Games link
  • Teh Trophy! - Get the trophy


Snakes on a Trophy
  Snakes on a Trophy Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 2 » Reach the final room
Title Trasher
  Title Trasher Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 2 » Defeat the evil title screen
Still Alive
  Still Alive Badge
Medium pts
SHIFT 2 » Escape the research facility with trophy in hand and limbs intact


Shift 2 Walkthrough (all medals)08:06

Shift 2 Walkthrough (all medals)

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