Robot Wants Puppy is a action platformer in which you must traverse obstacles and navigate a maze in order to get to the end. It is the sequel to Robot Wants Kitty and the second game in the game series.


The player controls the robot using the arrow keys. The story picks up where the previous game left off, so you already have the assistance of the kitty. Once you get the power-up for the kitty-cannon, you can use the kitty as a projectile, but you have to go pick it up again afterwards. As you explore the area, you pick up a number of different power ups that help you on the journey to find the dog. Throughout the game the robot gain abilities such as the ability to shoot, fly, walk on the roof and call your kitty back.

The goal is to reach the puppy as fast as possible. In order to get there, the robot needs to get past aliens, locked doors, electrical fields, and other obstacles. The game revolves around traversing the labyrinth to find the next item that gives the ability to get past an obstacle. The robot does not have a health bar and a single hit will send the robot back to the last checkpoint he visited and add to your total time.


Robot Wants Puppy features ten awards, all which count towards your rank seen in the "awards" section of the game. The starting rank is "0. Send to scrap heap", but every new achievement increases your rank by one.

  1. Waste of bolts.
  2. Obsolete.
  3. Functional to a degree.
  4. Potentially useful.
  5. Solid state machine.
  6. Now with Blast Processing!
  7. Nuocybertronic pathways detected
  8. Atom rocket force is go!
  9. Very nice, Robot.


  Rebound Badge
Easy pts
Robot Wants Puppy » Catch your kitty in mid-air
Robot Got Puppy!
  Robot Got Puppy! Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Puppy » Reach the puppy
Cat Scratch Fever
  Cat Scratch Fever Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Puppy » Obtain level 10 claws
The Friendly Robot
  The Friendly Robot Badge
Hard pts
Robot Wants Puppy » Reach the 9th key with 40 or fewer kills

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