Robot Wants Kitty is an action platforme in which you must traverse obstacles and seek out power-ups in order to reach the end. It is the first game in the pixelart "Robot Wants..." series. The game was originally created for the LudumDare #16 competition and features music by DrPetter.


You play as a robot that find himself in a world filled with hostile aliens. This robot is all alone and wants to find the cat that is somewhere in this maze of a world. The player controls the robot using the arrow keys. Initially, moving left and right is all you can do, which means you're going to spend a lot of time in the beginning fleeing from enemies. As you explore the area, you pick up a number of different power ups that help you on the journey to find the feline you seek. Finding power-ups will often allow you to access areas that you previously couldn't reach. Throughout the game the robot gain abilities such as the ability to jump, double-jump, shooting lazors and using rockets to fly. There are also color-coded keys which allows you access to new areas.

The goal is to get through the maze-like level and reach the kitty as fast as possible. In order to get there, the robot needs to kill or sneak past the different types of aliens, as well as get past locked doors, acid pits, and other obstacles. The game revolves around traversing the labyrinth to find the next item that gives the ability to get past an obstacle. The robot does not have a health bar and a single hit will send the robot back to the last checkpoint he visited. When you die, you will gain 20 seconds on your time, but when you kill an enemy, your time is lowered by 1 second.


Obstacle Neutralization
  Obstacle Neutralization Badge
Easy pts
Robot Wants Kitty » Defeat 20 enemies
Firin' Mah Lazer
  Firin' Mah Lazer Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Kitty » Defeat the optional side boss to unlock an upgraded laser weapon
Player Wants
  Player Wants Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Kitty » Obtain the feline object of your affection
Rocket Robot
  Rocket Robot Badge
Hard pts
Robot Wants Kitty » Reach the kitty in under 8 minutes

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