Robot Wants Ice Cream is a pixelart action platformer in which you must traverse obstacles in order to get to the end. It is the sequel to Robot Wants Fishy and the fourth game in the "Robot Wants" series.


The player controls the robot using the arrow keys. This time the robot fights mekazoids and needs to get aboard an alien spacecraft in order to find an ice cream. As you explore the area, you pick up a number of different power ups that help you on your journey. The puppy that was collected in an earlier game is back and follows the robot around. Once you gain power-ups for the puppy, it will shoot at enemies and aid you on your journey. Throughout the game the robot gain abilities such as the ability to double-jump, shoot plasma bolts, store energy, fly and detonate in mid-air. Every ability can be upgraded. There is a secret Bananarang weapon which is quite powerful and can make the game much easier.

The goal is to find the ice cream as fast as possible. In order to get there, the robot needs to gain enough flying ability to get on board the alien space ship. The game revolves around collecting power-ups in order to gain access to new areas. This time, the robot does have a health bar and can take three hits before getting sent back to the last checkpoint he visited. The game has two different difficulty settings, Normal and Madcap. On the Madcap setting, the enemies and bosses are much harder to beat.


  • Mmm, Ice Cream - Get ice cream!
  • Rocket Robot - Get ice cream in under 20 minutes.
  • Mad Mad Mad Mad Robot - Get ice cream in Madcap Mode.
  • Pacifist Robot - Get ice cream without harming more than 20 enemies.
  • Roboticus Maximus - Get all upgrades.
  • Mekacide - Destroy 250 Mekazoids.
  • Boss Bash - Destroy all the bosses.
  • Mad Boss Bash - Destroy all the bosses in Madcap Mode.
  • Super Duper Combo - Get a 15x Combo without the Nanoswarm's help.
  • Going Bananas - Get the Bananarang.


Robo Power
  Robo Power Badge
Easy pts
Robot Wants Ice Cream » Collect any 10 power-ups, then hit a computron
Mmm, Ice Cream
  Mmm, Ice Cream Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Ice Cream » Obtain your frozen treat
Mad Boss Bash
  Mad Boss Bash Badge
Hard pts
Robot Wants Ice Cream » Defeat all the bosses on the "madcap" difficulty setting

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