Robot Wants Fishy is an action platformer in which you must traverse obstacles in order to get to the end, featuring music by DrPetter and Robbe. It is the sequel to Robot Wants Puppy and the third game in the "Robot Wants" series.


The player controls the robot using the arrow keys. This time the robot goes underwater and fights crustacean aliens. As you explore the area, you pick up a number of different power ups that help you on the journey to find your beloved gold fish. Throughout the game the robot gain abilities such as the ability to double-jump, throw bombs, use an energy shield, swim and destroy red blocks.

The goal is to reach the puppy as fast as possible. Collecting Chronox Shards deducts 5 seconds from your total time. In order to get there, the robot needs to get past aliens, teleports, crystal spikes, mini-bosses, and other obstacles. The game revolves around traversing the labyrinth to find the next item that gives the ability to get past an obstacle. The robot does not have a health bar and a single hit (or two if you have the shield) will send the robot back to the last checkpoint he visited and add to your total time.


  • Robot Got Fishy! - Get a fishy.
  • Rocket Robot - Get a fishy in under 20 minutes.
  • Brave Little Robot - Complete the game with only required powerups.
  • The Friendly Robot - Beat Drillbaby without harming more than 15 enemies.
  • Time On Your Hands - Collect all 50 Chronox Shards.
  • Fully Loaded - Attain maximum firepower.
  • Xenocide - Kill every living thing! (Except those pesky snails.)
  • Yay Explosions - Blow up everything.
  • Back At Ya - Destroy an alien with a refracted shot.
  • Super Combo - Blow up 5 guys without touching the ground.
  • Undersea Operation - Get through the spiny tunnel without a scratch
  • Jelly Toast - Blow up a Jellyfish with Bombs.


A Fish Called Wanted
  A Fish Called Wanted Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Fishy » Reach the fishy

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