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Remnants of Skystone (RoS) is a MMO platformer that was created by Flipline Studios. The game was a part of Kongregate's Premium Game development program.


The game is primarily a platformer. You choose between three different classes: Ferric, Aeronaut, Crag. Each class has different way of attacking and moving about the levels. All classes can reach every place on each level, but they may have to take different paths to get there. The game is for the most part single player and revolves around completing quests. There is a large number of quests for each area, including the city itself. There are daily quests which can be solved daily for healing items.

In Nidaria, players may chat with each other and go on co-op missions with one other player. You can also purchase weapons here or visit other people's floats. There are 3 wilderness areas; Steamport City, Hatchwood Wilds and the Ridgeback Highlands. Gameplay in these areas is single player.


Each player has their own personal area called a float which they may decorate with all the trophies and furniture they own. Furniture may be obtained from completing quests or purchasing from the shop. You may visit any other player's float and chat with any other players who are currently inside the same float. You may also vote on other floats and there are trophies for best float of the week.

Nidarian GuardEdit

Nidarian Guard (NG) is the term used to describe a player who pays a subscription fee, gaining various in-game benefits. Nidarian Guards are easily recognizable, as they have their name marked in yellow color during gameplay in Nidaria. Nidarian Guard gains access to two extra attacks per class, more quests and daily quests, their level cap is extended to level 40, after reaching level 40 experience points are converted into Nidarian Points, the Spectra Circuit is unlocked, 10% store discount when using Spores in stores, three exclusive stores and more baking and brewing possibilities. NG can play on one NG-exclusive Co-op Trailblazing map per week. Subscription cost vary from 42-75 Kreds per month, depending on how many months you pay for. 1000 Kreds earns you a lifetime subscription.

Former BadgesEdit

Due to the game's declining popularity, Remnants of Skystone was shut down around June 2014 with its badges removed.
RoS easy badge
  Meet 'n' Greet Badge
Easy pts
Remnants of Skystone » Complete the "Introductions" quest from Admiral Stanton
RoS medium badge
  It's Your Nidarian Duty Badge
Medium pts
Remnants of Skystone » Earn 150 NP (Nidarian Points)
RoS hard badge
  Remnant Reclaimer Badge
Hard pts
Remnants of Skystone » Complete "River Remnant", the 30th Story Mission
RoS hard badge2
  Pockets Full of Sprockets Badge
Hard pts
Remnants of Skystone » Collect any 60 Sprockets

Helpful LinksEdit

Remnants of Skystone forum on Kongregate
Official Game Guide

In Game Screenshots/MomentsEdit

Wallworm Fail
Skystone Math
Skystone Hair
Wereworm hug
Ninja Bison
Embermites Extermination
Ninja crag
Swampfoot sex

Flip makes this game SO HARD sometimes.

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