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The only room on Kongregate dedicated to a flash game for its memories.


Lockman - The Room Owner and all-around nice guy, DG remnant.

Morgoth1 - A regular in the chat, another DG remnant.

Darth_Sirov - DG veteran turned moderator turned Curator turned DG remnant. A lot of phases for this guy.

Commander Fox9

A newer player who has experience with games like this. He prefers to pilot a Shredder and has 300 kills

DiditzZz - The DG Remnant who made Remnants of Disputed Galaxy happen! Now reinstated as a Moderator, as earlier in the year he took some time off. The job's not as easy as it sounds. He has modded for more than 2 years (this entry is in October 2010) and counting.

Elsepth - Just modded recently it seems, still a regular in the chat. An all around nice person to talk to. Although he has been quite inactive for sometime, but all the more we missed him.

Regular UsersEdit

Note: All users of The RoDG can edit this, but I strongly advise you to only edit your section, or add one.

Moomoofire11: A cow trying to make a living on Kongregate. Did I mention I can shoot fire out my mouth?


Good morning.


Hello its me everyones best friend mr manbearpig :D I like RoDG. I really miss the mp for starfighter and i wish icould play it once more with mp i just try not to think about it *runs off to cry in corner* oh and this is a link to a video of mine which alot of ppl RoDG like


That guy you sort of know. You know who you are. You know? I do. Sort of. Who are we talking about again? Wait, who are you? Who am I? Where are we? Why are we here? Whats my favorite color?


A regular not only of RoDG, but also of this page. A girl, so don't be all like "woah" about that. But that's just a front, a shell. I'm really an alien, one of those famed tentacle beasts. Don't worry. I'm not into you like that. I am into people using proper English, however, so if you don't mind it would be very nice of you to at least try.


I'm generally a fun guy to chat with. Don't be surprised if I make an asshole-ish comment toward you after you have acted like a complete idiot. Yes, that's a warning and a threat.


Basically, I live here. I migrated into this chat as I wanted something less populated than the average huge sized chatrooms. I try to talk as much as I can, but I sometimes get sidetracked by my games or tabs. I'm a fun person to talk to, and i'm pretty much kind to everyone. I dislike alot of roleplay in the chat, so if I ask you to stop, please do as it usually isn't just annoying me, it is annoying others too.


I used to be an avid member of RoDG but removed my account after.... dont worry. I remember a lot of you. Remember me.


Been around since the room first began. I enjoy this room mostly because it is smaller then the others. I tend to talk when I feel it is needed but more often then not I'll be off doing something in a different tab so don't get offended if I don't respond to you right away. Really cannot stand majority of the roleplaying that goes on alot in the chat so if I ask you to stop please do so. I get annoyed when I have to call a mod to get it to stop.


I am a regular in the chat, and though you may not think of me as a charming young lad. I run The Nation of Violence, a gang I plan to open in Starfighter 5, or as most call it, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy 2. Hopefully we can meet in the chat at some point and talk to each other, but be warned that I don't take insulting lightly. I believe in the rule of treating those the way they treat you. That and the rule of giving respect to those who deserve it and disrespecting those who do not.


Been here since the beginning of the room, just looking for some friendly and intelligent conversation.


Hey guys I played SF:DG for a very long time and with those on this wikia page also. I loved using Hydra, I also was in the clan called "The Bounty Hunters$" which was a top Human clan in the clan boards. I myself had around 30,000 kills but sadly the game got hacked. :( You will see me often in RoDg chatroom on Kongregate so come and join in on the fun also I am a game forums moderator. :D

SFDG's MemorialEdit

DiditzZz getting 100,000 kills on Starfighter Disputed Galaxy..01:03

DiditzZz getting 100,000 kills on Starfighter Disputed Galaxy...

doodle_man: :D Looks it my name right there <----♣

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