Red Remover is a spatial physics puzzle game in which the point is to remove the red pieces off the screen without harming the green ones.


The object of the game is to remove all the red objects using as few mouse clicks as possible. You may click a red object to remove it, unless it is a dark red object. Making an object fall off the screen also removes it from play. Removing a green object causes you to lose the level. Each level may have a different gravity orientation.

There are 40 regular levels and 5 bonus levels in the game. Each level has a logical solution and should not require luck to solve. Most solutions are sequential or require precise timing. In order to unlock the 5 bonus level, you must finish the other levels in Bonus mode which only allows you to see part of the level in an area around your mouse cursor.

The game also features a level editor for users to create their own levels.

Player PacksEdit

Two Player Packs with additional user-created levels has been released. The first pack was published in June 2010 and the second pack was published in June 2011. The second Player Pack has an easy badge and a hard badge.


  Gravitational Innocence Badge
Easy pts
Red Remover » Complete the first 10 levels
  Par for the Course Badge
Medium pts
Red Remover » Unlock "par" mode by completing level 30
  Закончено Badge
Hard pts
Red Remover » Finish everything 45 bonus completions 45 par completions


Official Walkthrough

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