Ragdoll Avalanche 2 is a small avoider game where you control a stickman that handles like a ragdoll. It was developed by Ragdollsoft, whose games on Kongregate have all received badges. The other two games are Particles and Ragdoll Invaders.


You control a ragdoll stickman and you move him around the screen using the arrow keys - the focus of the control is in the head. Sharp spikes randomly appear at the top of the screen falling downwards and it is up to you to dodge them. The goal is to dodge as many spikes as you can before dying. If a spike cuts off the end of a limb, blood spurts out but does not end the game. A spike has to hit the head or torso to do any serious damage. A single serious hit causes the game to end.


  • The music changes rhythm at about 100 dodged spikes.


Ragdoll Initiate
  Ragdoll Initiate Badge
Easy pts
Ragdoll Avalanche 2 » Start down the noble path of dodging random spikes, avoiding 50 of them
Ragdoll Ninja
  Ragdoll Ninja Badge
Hard pts
Ragdoll Avalanche 2 » Start twitching those reflexes to dodge 400 spikes

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