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In this puzzle platformer, you play as a green blob monster trying to get out of a scientific testing laboratory. You follow orders given to you from a speaker system in order to reach the candy and find the exit.


You play as a one-eyed green blob stuck in Q-Science Facility, a scientific testing facility. Initially, you can't do much other than walk and jump around, but early in the game you gain an ability that lets you warp to wherever your mouse cursor is when you click. It works over distances, through obstacles and even in mid-air, but it has a limited range. Using these abilities, you navigate the maze, looking for the candy and exit to the level.


  • Qoosh is the first badged game (after so many years!) to start with the letter Q.


  Making a Note Here Badge
Easy pts
Qoosh » Pass chamber 5
  Huge Success Badge
Medium pts
Qoosh » Make all the science
  Frugal Warper Badge
Hard pts
Qoosh » Complete the game using under 280 warps

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