Protector IV: Mercenary is a tower defense game where the monsters follow a per-determined path and the sequel to Protector III. The game expands on the solid, medieval fantasy themed tower defense we've come to expect from the series with even greater customization and exploration, not to mention a huge variety of quests, levels and classes. An expansion called Protector IV.V with additional content was released in April 2011.


The monsters in the game follow a pre-defined path and the goal of the game is to prevent the monsters from getting through the path. You can bring three heroes on a quest and each hero is associated with an element and gives you access to two different units. These units act as the towers in all tower defense genre games. Each monster type in the game has resistances and weaknesses to certain elements. Scouting reports about upcoming waves appear in the lower left, with important information such as the elemental strengths and weaknesses and other vulnerabilities. Between quests, you can hire heroes and equip them. Almost everything is mouse-controlled and you place units easily using the mouse. Once you start a wave, killing enemies will increase your money and give your units experience. Each unit gains experience individually and once one unit has gained enough to level up, you can pay the gold cost to upgrade that unit one level.

The main story-line consists of quests with linear progression. In addition, there are lots of side quests that that can be unlocked by your skill level or your reputation with different factions. The side quests are offered by the different factions and you need to gain favor with these factions in order to hire the strongest heroes. There's also an option to fund expeditions to discover and collect rare artifacts named "Protectomons".


The Kingdom Of ArkandiaEdit

Known as the shining light. The kingdom is everything a nation can hope to be. With sturdy fortresses and chivalric knights the Arkandians are to be looked up and to be admired. They strive to right wrongs and ensure peace and freedom to all men. Everyone should seek their capital where the wine seemed to flow endlessly from golden fountains on streets paved of gold.

The Tribes Of GorlandEdit

They are men who broken away from the hustle and bustle of city living and commune with nature and animals as equals.

The Folk Of HillmoreEdit

They arrived suddenly in massive longboats and immediately took claim of a hilly region between Arkandia and Hamlar. They are ferocious and powerful warriors but their strength lies mostly in their sheer power, not their tactics or ability to use their power for anything other than smashing and destroying things.

The Chaotic CovenantEdit

The Covenant claim little land but the land they do claim is harsh and corrupted. They seemed to prefer this way and take great measures to keep prying noises out of their business.

The ProtectorateEdit

They are self proclaimed defenders of the realm. While their arrogance is abrasive and annoying they have no desires for lands and riches, simply to end corruption when they see it.

The Council Of MagiEdit

Those born with the gift are approached by the guild for membership and tuition at an early age. Indoctrinating these young mages into their order they are able to control the flow of magic throughout the realm.

The Honest Guild Of GentlemenEdit

A guild would let you believe they are aristocratic and noble...... Truth to be told they are thieves, liars, criminals and thugs. Masters of stealth and robbery. These scalliwags will steal anything that is not firmly nailed down.

The Cult Of SkaranEdit

A relatively new faction that gained power quickly and efficiently. It is believed that Skaran is an ancestor they worship during highly secretive rituals that are performed routinely. They all seemed to possess a slight magical ability.

The Rangers Of FlitwindEdit

They claim many of the forests as their own, walking them and keeping them safe from travellers. Though the faction does considers several vagabonds as their kin, they are always looking out for the civilian population rather than the nobles.

The Legion Of TyriaEdit

Originated from the far south, their doctrine dictates that they are the rightful owners of the world. They are cultured and wise but their society is also marred by political unrest. The legion fight as an oiled machine, every man has a purpose and together they can form an unstoppable force in the battlefield.

The Scholars of HamlarEdit

Live in golden cities surrounded by vast desserts, the irrigation system and knowledge of science allow them to thrive in this hostile environment. Hamlarians considers science the only true magic in the world and they use it to enchance both of their everyday lives and their combat effectiveness.

Unit ListEdit


Kingdom Of Arkandia
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Archmage 14 Magical 5 2 Debuff Teleport
Crossbowman 12 Ranged 6 2 Slow Armor Piercing
Footman 15 Melee 5 1 Critical Armor Piercing
Knight 19 Melee 5 1 Bleed Critical
Mage 10 Magical 5 2 Debuff

Elemental Bonus

Paladin 20 Melee 6 1 Consecration Kill Channeling

Tribes Of Gorland
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Barbarian 20 Melee 4 1 Berserk Armor Piercing
Shaman 9 Magical 5 2 Slow

Elemental Bonus

Warrior 12 Melee 4.5 1 Berserk Armor Piercing
Witch 15 Magical 5 2 Slow


Hillmore Invaders
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Axe Thrower 10 Ranged 7 2 Critical Anti-Air
Footman 10 Melee 5 1 Berserk Damage+Speed
Huscarl 17 Melee 5 2 Berserk Damage+Speed
Skirmisher 18 Ranged 7 2 Critical Anti-Air
Chaotic Covenant
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Chaos Mage 12 Magical 5 2 Infection Critical
Reaver 10 Melee 3 1 Infection Kill Channeling
Scavenger 7 Melee 3 1 Infection Loot Chance
Warlock 14 Magical 4.5 2 Infection Critical

Legion Of Tyria
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Archer 7 Ranged 4.5 3 Anti-Air Armor Piercing
Crossbow 17 Ranged 5 2 Anti-Air Armor Piercing
Gladiator 19 Melee 5 1 Elemental Bonus Armor Piercing
Legionnaire 17 Melee 7 1 Elemental Bonus Armor Piercing

Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Defender 8 Ranged 4 3 Consecration Anti-Air
Guardian 18 Melee 5 2 Consecration Elemental Bonus
Spearman 14 Melee 5 2 Consecration Elemental Bonus
Patroler 7 Ranged 4.5 3 Consecration Anti-Ar

Council Of Magi
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Archwizard 10 Magical 5 4 Infection Teleport
Spellsword 18 Melee 5 1 Debuff Kill Channeling
Trainee 14 Magical 6 2 Debuff Elemental Bonus
Wizard 10 Magical 5 3 Slow Elemental Bonus

Honest Guild Of Gentlemen
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Cutpurse 12 Melee 4 1 Bleed Steal
Gentlemen 14 Melee 4 1 Loot Chance Steal
Shadow Dancer 7 Ranged 4 2 Loot Chance Splash
Thief 6 Ranged 4 3 Loot Chance Bleed

Cult Of Skaran
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Blessed 18 Melee 5 1 Infection Berserk
Cutlist 14 Melee 5 1 Infection Berserk
Gifted 14 Magical 4 2 Splash Critical
Watcher 8 Ranged 9 2 Infection Kill Channeling

Rangers Of Flitwind
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Archer 5 Ranged 4 3 Critical Anti-Air
Ranger 7 Ranged 5 3 Critical Anti-Air
Wanderer 20 Melee 5 1 Critical Debuff
Woodsman 14 Melee 5 1 Critical Debuff

Scholars Of Hamlar
Unit Attack Value Attacking Type Speed Range Ability A Ability B
Alchemist 15 Ranged 6 1 Infection Slow
Augment 21 Melee 4 1 Critical Armor Piercing
Engineer 15 Ranged 8 2 Critical Splash
Technomacer 6 Ranged 5 3 Critical Splash

Name Description
Unit Name of the unit
Attack Value The basic attack value when you first hire your unit
Attacking Type

There are three different types of attacking types:

Ranged: Hitting the enemy with a bow

Magical: Hitting the enemy with magical powers

Melee: Hitting the enemy with weapons with your hand, like a sword, an axe or a claws. They are they only unit that can't hit flying units

Speed How quickly you could hit the enemy, the faster you are, the better
Range How far you could hit the enemy, the further you could reach, the better
Ability There are three paths for an unit. Besides the damage upgrade, each unit has two different abilities they can use to help the players to defeat the enemies differently.


Crits or GTFO
  Crits or GTFO Badge
Easy pts
Protector IV » Deal 10 critical strikes
World Traveler
  World Traveler Badge
Medium pts
Protector IV » Complete any 10 quests
No Stranger with Arkandia
  No Stranger with Arkandia Badge
Hard pts
Protector IV » Complete all 22 red storyline quests
Talent Show-off
  Talent Show-off Badge
Hard pts
Protector IV » Unlock any 50 in-game talents

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