Pixel Pack
Pixel Pack
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 4 easy badges,
4 medium badges.
Difficulty Easy
Awards Pixel Pack Medal and 50 points

Pixel Pack is a quest in which you must get badges from games with pixel art.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Back in my day, we didn't have these fancy vector graphics or 3D polygonism hoopla! We also had to walk uphill both ways in -40 degree weather, with polar bears chasing after us. But I digress. Celebrate the pixelated past in each badge below to earn the Pixel Pack Medal and 50 bonus points!


  Based on a True Story Badge
Medium pts
Don't Sh*t Your Pants » Unlock all 10 awards, then return to the main menu
  N00b Test Badge
Easy pts
Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1 » Complete all the blue levels
Player Wants
  Player Wants Badge
Medium pts
Robot Wants Kitty » Obtain the feline object of your affection
Dragon's Tale
  Dragon's Tale Badge
Easy pts
How to Raise a Dragon » Complete your dragon's adventurous life
  Apocalypse Then Badge
Medium pts
Dino Run » Complete the challenge mode on "medium" or higher
  Thousand Meter Dash Badge
Easy pts
Canabalt » Run 1,000 meters in a single run
Burgeoning Bourgeoise
  Burgeoning Bourgeoise Badge
Easy pts
MoneySeize » Collect 50 total coins

Excluded badges Edit

Level Up! was removed from the quest because it hadn't been loaded for some browsers.

Scaling the Ivory Tower
  Scaling the Ivory Tower Badge
Medium pts
Pixel Pack » Complete your dragon's adventurous life

The game had a technical issue causing the game to only display a white screen. Even though there were ways to get around this issue, the badge was removed as a quest requirement since the game was not playable without tinkering to get around the white screen.

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