Pingy the Ping Idle RPG is an Idle game about penguins. Gaining levels and cash is automatic, but there are plenty of actions available in the game if you want further gameplay.


As in most Idle games, you gain experience points and cash automatically as time passes. You own a house where you can upgrade all the furniture to better looking items. Cash can also be spent on purchasing maps, which opens up new areas in the game. Each area contains a shop or an activity you can do for additional cash or exp, such as fishing, watching a movie, making burgers out of snails, growing goldfish into whales, gambling etc.

There is a quest-line of multiple quests for each area, which comprise of tasks for that specific area. Completing quests reward the player with experience and cash. There are 30 achievements in the game, most of which requires access to a specific area in order to complete. Completing achievements unlocks hats in the hat shop. In addition to altering the appearance of your penguin avatar, the amount of hats you own affects how quickly you gain experience and gold from the automatic rewards.

There is several secret areas in the game which are difficult to find without using a guide or walkthrough, such as The Secret Cave and The Secret Island.

If you have contributed to the game or provided good suggestions or feedback, you are made a VIP and gain access to the VIP functions of the game. If you're playing from Kongregate, you automatically gain VIP status and access to those functions.

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