Physics Pack
Physics Pack
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 9 medium badges.
Difficulty Medium
Awards Physics Pack Medal and 50 points

Physics Pack is a quest in which you must get badges from games with physics engines or games that are otherwise physics related.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Newton may have been on to something, after all. Perfect your mastery of physics by completing each badge below and win 50 bonus points!


Siege and Destroy
  Siege and Destroy Badge
Medium pts
Sieger » Destroy all 29 castles
Party Time
  Party Time Badge
Medium pts
Wake Up the Box » Complete all 20 levels
One Down
  One Down... Badge
Medium pts
Perfect Balance 2 » Complete level pack A
  Par for the Course Badge
Medium pts
Red Remover » Unlock "par" mode by completing level 30
  Mad Stacker Badge
Medium pts
Super Stacker 2 » Complete the medium set of levels
Well Rounded
  Well-Rounded Badge
Medium pts
Gravitee 2 » Earn any 45 awards
Like College, But With More Thinking
  Like College, But With More Thinking Badge
Medium pts
Spewer » Complete the first tutorial chapter
  Conservative Constructionist Badge
Medium pts
99 Bricks » Create a tower with 33 blocks without losing a single one

Excluded badges Edit

  Unchained Jeopardy Badge
Medium pts
Physics Pack » Obtain a total score of 1000

After the game was broken and unplayable for a period of time during 2013, the badge was removed as a quest requirement.

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