Phage Wars 2 is a real-time strategy game that is about breeding stronger and faster viruses. As a laboratory technician, you are tasked with creating the ultimate virus by pitting different viruses against each other. The gameplay is node-based and expands on the concept that was used in Nano War.


The game is played entirely with the mouse. The menu screen takes on the appearance of a virtual desktop and you can click on an icon to get started. Clicking the "Run Experiment" icon starts the game and will present you with several levels to choose from. Each level takes the form of a lab test where you pit your virus against other virus strains.

At the beginning of an experiment, your virus will start out in a single cell and so will your opponent. Each virus type represents one player, either you or a computer controlled team, and is represented by a different color to tell them apart. The number on a cell is the amount of viruses you have in that cell for attacking or defending. Each cell produces additional viruses until it reaches the maximum amount for that cell. In order to attack, click on one of your cells, drag over to an enemy cell and release. Half of the viruses in that cell will split off and head over to attack. Each virus will kill one of the enemy's viruses, so if you attack with more viruses than the enemy has in that cell, you will win and take over that cell. During the course of the game, the viruses evolve and the amount needed to beat a certain amount of the enemy's viruses may change as you gain better stats. The level is beaten and the experiment succeeds if you manage to take control over all the cells on the field.

When you complete a test, you're given a message that you've discovered a new gene. This means that your virus gain modifiers which affect it's strength, movement and regeneration rates. As your virus evolves, so do your opponents and the difficulty of a level changes. The analysis program can be run after each test to show you how your virus is stacking up, and can be a good way to find out which areas you might be lacking in.


Dish Networking
  Dish Networking Badge
Easy pts
Phage Wars 2 » Unlock the second set of experiments
Culture Warrior
  Culture Warrior Badge
Medium pts
Phage Wars 2 » Complete each test

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