Perfect Balance 2 is a physics puzzle game that is about rotating and stacking pieces of various geometric shapes and Tetris shapes so that they don't fall down below. This is the sequel to Perfect Balance.


The game is about stacking pieces of various shapes. On each level, there are static geometric shapes and the player is given pieces that needs to be stacked on top of the existing structures. The goal on each level is to stack the shapes so that they don't fall down. All pieces can be rotated and you may place them in any order. None of the pieces can rock back and forth as they need to be perfectly balanced in order to beat the level. The game has 5 level sets with 20 levels in each set. Scoring is dictated by a subtracting counter, so the faster you do the puzzle, the more points you receive.

After you complete a level, you can gain bonus points. Once all the pieces are balanced, the game hands you nine diamonds to add to your structure. For each diamond you manage to balance, you receive a score bonus and there are extra bonus points if you use all nine. You can submit your total score or the total amount of diamonds you've managed to add to your structures.


Tipping Points
  Tipping Points Badge
Easy pts
Perfect Balance 2 » Score 10,000 total points
One Down
  One Down... Badge
Medium pts
Perfect Balance 2 » Complete level pack A
Diamonds Take Forever
  Diamonds Take Forever Badge
Hard pts
Perfect Balance 2 » Collect 300 total diamonds
Balanced Diet
  Balanced Diet Badge
Hard pts
Perfect Balance 2 » Complete all 5 level packs


Official Walkthrough

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