Particles is a mouse avoider game with colored balls. The premise of the game is to avoid getting hit with your mouse for as long as possible by moving/bouncing balls across the screen. It was developed and uploaded by Matteo "Ragdollsoft" Guarneri.


Particles is a simple 2D evasion game, in which the player's mouse cursor takes the form of a blue ball. The objective is to dodge the forever-bouncing red balls, who increase in number over time. It begins with three red balls, but at regular intervals, more red balls are added until it reaches the maximum 15 red balls, however, few ever make it that far in the game. What makes this game interesting and slightly less predictable, is that the collisions between the red balls uses a smart-moving physics engine. The red balls collide with each other and with the walls, however, the direction that the balls take after the bounce is influenced by the position of the player (the blue ball).

The goal of the game is to last as long as possible without getting hit by a red ball, with the scoring being based on how many seconds the player survived.

Balls DataEdit

  • 3 Balls: Easy Peasy - 0 seconds [Grade F: Terrible Try]
  • 4 Balls: Still Quite Easy - 14 seconds [Grade E: Bad Effort]
  • 5 Balls: Fun Begins Now - 35 seconds [Grade D: Poor Performance]
  • 6 Balls: Quite Challenging - 63 seconds [Grade C: Satisfactory]
  • 7 Balls: Pretty Tough - 98 seconds [Grade B-: Quite Good]
  • 8 Balls: Very Tricky - 140 seconds [Grade A-: Seriously Impressive!]
  • 9 Balls: Terribly Hard - 189 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]
  • 10 Balls: Insanely Difficult - 245 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]
  • 11 Balls: Totally Nuts - 308 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]
  • 12 Balls: Incredibly Challenging - 378 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]
  • 13 Balls: Almost Impossible - 455 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]
  • 14 Balls: Utterly Incredible - 539 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]
  • 15 Balls: Totally Impossible - 630 seconds [Grade A+ You're the Man!]

Notice that when you die, you get around 2 seconds of survival time, probably because of the time until the ball reaches the bottom of the screen. Your grade goes up every 15 seconds.


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Twilight Techno

The soundtrack for the game was composed by Dimrain47 and is called "Twilight Techno".


Ultimate Dodgeball
  Ultimate Dodgeball Badge
Hard pts
Particles » Survive for 200 seconds
Dodgeball Badge
  Dodgeball Badge
Easy pts
Particles » Survive for 50 seconds


  • This game's Hard badged was uploaded far earlier than its Easy badge, which is why the latter is placed under the former.
  • Many people consider the Ultimate Dodgeball Badge too easy to be called a Hard badge, yet it is not unknown of people who claim this badge should be an Impossible, specially for trackpad users.

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