Orbular is a game where you try to prevent a ball from falling down while using the ball to knock loose all the bricks on the level. It is a Breakout clone with a twist. The paddle is round and all the blocks are circles the size of the ball.


The goal of the game is the same as the good old game of Breakout. You need to knock your ball into the bricks and knock them loose until all the bricks on the level are gone. If your ball drops below the screen, you lose a life. The difference is that in Orbular all the bricks are round and your paddle, called a bat in this game, is also circular. In addition to moving your bat sideways, you can also push it upwards to give your ball an extra boost to give it more speed. The collisions in the game are based in a physics engine and loose bricks flying around can still collide and affect each other's paths or the path of your ball. There are 15 levels in the game, but the last level solves itself.

In addition to normal bricks, there are some which affect gameplay differently. Some give a power-up, some give a negative effect and there is one that breaks loose every brick close to it when it gets hit by the ball. In order to get the power-ups that gives you a larger bat or makes the ball go slower, you have to knock loose the brick that gives the power-up and collect it with your bat. The same applies to the negative bricks that gives a smaller bat and faster ball speed. The multi-ball power-up gives multiple balls on the screen at the same time, but if you lose any of these balls, you will lose a life. It makes you solve the level faster, but you need to make sure you don't lose any of the balls. If you're playing Endurance mode, a multi-ball makes the game harder since you can't drop any of the balls without losing the game.

Game ModesEdit

  • Normal - Start with 5 lives. Extra life awarded every 500 points.
  • Hard - Start with 5 lives. No additional lives awarded.
  • Endurance - Start with 1 life. No additional lives awarded.
  • Mouse - Start with 5 lives. Mouse controlled. Extra life awarded every 1000 points.


  Orbtacular Badge
Hard pts
Orbular » Reach level 15 in normal mode
No Orb Left Behind
  No Orb Left Behind Badge
Impossible pts
Orbular » Reach level 15 in endurance mode

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