Nuclear Eagle is a short mouse-driven game in which you play as an eagle trying to keep its baby eagles alive at all costs. Protect them for as long as you can when food starts to fight back! The concept of the game was made by luksy, who also made the art for the game. Brad Borne completed the programming for the game and uploaded it to Kongregate.


You play as an eagle that has mutated and gained super-strength somehow. The title alludes that the cause of this may be due to nuclear waste, but no real explanation is given. You must strive to keep your babies healthy and happy by feeding them. Fortunately, there is a city nearby and plenty of people from the city walking around nearby. In order to feed them, you must grab them and either carry them to the nest or fling just fling them towards the nest hoping they land in it. After a short while, the people begin to fight back and you must defend your nest while keeping the babies alive.

The game takes place on a single screen and is entirely mouse-controlled. Click to grab, then drag and release the mouse button to give send an innocent person flying towards the nest. The people function as both a threat to the nest as well as food. People will move towards the nest and when they get close enough, they fire guns at your baby eagles. For each person you manage to feed to your babies, they regain some health. Later levels will introduce police cars and swat vehicles, both of which can also be lifted off the ground. Throwing cards at people create big explosions and you can stick people to the cards first in order to create big combos. You can even grab the people and cars in mid-air.

The goal is to stay alive as long as you can. The villagers and the police send increasing amounts of people towards the nest and bring out stronger weapons and vehicles. You must protect both yourself and your nest from being destroyed. If either one of those dies, you lose the game.


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Nuclear Eagle » Enter the country and feed delicious humans to your young until level 10 is reached

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