Necronator is a zombie-based strategy game, developed by TogeProductions and published on Jun. 2, 2010.


Players summon and control the undead forces, conquering the world by killing any human who stands in the way. 

The games offers 6 worlds, each with a number of levels. 

In each level, you have your units to be summoned as cards on a list at the bottom of the screen. You also have spells to cast, and both are mana-expensive. 

The number of units is limited by an upkeep bar, you may, however, upgrade it to summon more.

Killing humans and destroying building gives you soul points which can be used to unlock/upgrade untis.


Each unit has a mana cost, health, speed, damage, attack delay, range, upkeep and a line of sight, all of which can be upgraded every time the unit levels up by soul points you spend (level cap is 10).

Unit Description
Skeleton Warrior

Made from corpses of fallen warriors died in regret and shame. The skeleton warriors are cheap, durable and dispensable.

Skeleton Archer There is only one thing more dangerous than an army of Skeleton Warriors, that is an army of Skeleton Warriors equiped with bows and arrows.
Orc Brunts Legends say that orcs are creatures of death forged from the fiery pit of Mt.Krakatoa. Orcs are brutish, schemic and murderous.
Zombie The unholy undead zombies have only one purpose, to satisfy their hunger. One bite can turn a human into the walking dead.
Doggar Doggar was a powerful pit fighter from a barbarian tribe. His hunger for power brought him to the Necronator. In exchange for power and strength he offered his soul to the Devil, now he is nothing but a pupet controlled by the Necronator.
Miranda Silverbow Miranda Silverbow was a forest ranger. While she was patrolling through the forest, she encountared Necronator who was trying to destroy her forest. Even though she fought valiantly, she was fatally wounded. Impressed by her skill, Necronator trapped her soul and corrupted her. Since then, she was under Necronator's control and became The Dark Archer.
Bileam Lightbringer Bileam Lightbringer was a holy knight. During the great war he was left to die in the frontlines. Felt that he was betrayed and abandoned by his king, burned by the hatred he vowed to revenge. In his journey, he met Necronator and became his loyal servant in purpose of vengeance.
Lezaro Crovax Obsessed by dark arts, Lezaro Crovax was banished by the people of Sal'Midaz. Necronator recruited him with the promise to teach Lezaro all the dark arts that he knows.
Alice Jeezebel Alice Jeezebel was a caring wife. Unable to let go her feelings towards her dead husband, she practiced necromancy and brought her dead husband back to life, unfortunately the new resurected body has no soul, turning him into a mindless zombie. Her obsession soon corrupted her. 


Spell Description
Meteor Bring down angry stars from the sky. Very effective against builldings.
Blizzard Call forth freezing wind that freeze any leaving being.
Resurrect Summon back the lost soul from Hades to aid us in a battle.
Summon Diablo Summon Prince of Darkness.
Virus Spread Spread a curse that turns humans into zombies.


  • Mouse
  • Short Cuts:

Deselect </span>

W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys – move map

Shift- show health

Z – select all

X – attack

C – halt

V – auto on/off

Space – toggle view on/off


Death to Heroes Badge
  Death to Heroes Badge
Easy pts
Necronator » Kill a hero
Soul Collector Badge
  Soul Collector Badge
Medium pts
Necronator » Collect 500,000 souls
World Conqueror Badge
  World Conqueror Badge
Medium pts
Necronator » Destroy all 26 cities

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