Nano War is a RTS/action game. In Nano War, you have to annihilate the other entity. You are the blue entity, your
opponent is red.

You start each level with your cell (or cells in certain levels) ready for you to order. You send units from that cell to either the opponent's cell or to a gray cell (which is neutral), in both cases invading them if your attacking units' number exceed. 

The size of cells varies from small to medium, large and extra large. The bigger the faster at producing units and having more production capacity (The number of units production in cells is limited by their size. But they still receive units from friendly cells to an infinite number, they only stop production).

The level is passed and the war is won when there's no cell captured by the enemy. There are 15 levels.


  • To attack another cell, click on your blue cell then click on the red or gray cell. You will send 50% of units if it was one click and 50-99% if you kept pressing. 
  • To unselect the current cell, press the spacebar.
  • You can select multiple cells to order more units by clicking and dropping on them, the cells in the space created are chosen. 


  • 15 levels are few comparing to the game's potential.
  • Gets laggy when sending many units in different directions.
  • Would be better if you could send movement commands while the game is paused, making the gameplay fair with the computer, since it can send multiple troops from cells in many directions at once. 
  • The Difficulty of levels is not well distributed.


Tiny Victory Badge (easy) - Complete level 3.

Microscopic Mayhem Badge (hard) - Complete 14 levels. 

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