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Nambers Level Pack
Author qzix13
Genre Puzzle
Published 2016-6-23
Game Play
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Mouse only Minimalism Math Brain
Upgrade System? No

Nambers Level Pack is a puzzle game developed by qzix13 and published on Jun.23, 2016.


Players select adjacent cells with the same number and scroll them left and right to change their values. They complete levels by creating the target pattern, trying to finish in as few moves as possible to get all stars.


First Flips Badge
  First Flips Badge
Easy pts
Nambers Level Pack » Complete level 15
Turning Things Around Badge
  Turning Things Around Badge
Hard pts
Nambers Level Pack » Earn 180 stars


Nambers - Walkthrough Level Pack 1-005:21

Nambers - Walkthrough Level Pack 1-0

Nambers - Walkthrough Level Pack 2-006:21

Nambers - Walkthrough Level Pack 2-0

Nambers - Walkthrough Level Pack 3-107:16

Nambers - Walkthrough Level Pack 3-1

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