My Pet Protector 2 is a dungeon crawler RPG. It is the sequel to My Pet Protector. The gameplay consists of controlling what your apprentice does, including training, working, exploring dungeons and sleeping.


At the start of the game, you go through a little character quiz which determines your starting skills, cash and equipment. You work to gain gold, spend gold on training up your character and then go explore a dungeon. Each dungeon holds numerous treasures and one unique blue treasure. Each action takes a number of weeks to perform. Your character ages with every action and only actions done before his 19th birthday counts for the achievements.

Creating your characterEdit

During the character creation, you are given a number of choices which determine your character's equipment, money and stats at the beginning of the game.


You may visit a number of dungeons where you can explore, find treasures and battle enemies. The more you explore a dungeon, the more stress your character gains. If you reach the maximum limit of stress, your adventure ends and you are transported back to town. Resting reduces the stress, but consumes time which ages your character.


Resting reduces your Stress bar, but takes up time. Different places to rest reduces a different amount of stress and are tied to one of your stats.


In the village you can build and upgrade your buildings. There are 15 different buildings that can be built.


Working consists of performing certain tasks in order to gain money. Most jobs have an age requirement and a skill requirement. Performing a work task increases your skill in that particular profession.


In the school, you may upgrade your abilities. Upgrades requires gold and takes a certain amount of time. Some courses has an age requirement.


Back to School
  Back to School Badge
Easy pts
My Pet Protector 2 » Train your way to 1,000 total skill points before your 19th birthday
No Place Like Home
  No Place Like Home Badge
Medium pts
My Pet Protector 2 » Raise your village quality to 15 before your 19th birthday
Big Blue Box Bounty
  Big Blue Box Bounty Badge
Hard pts
My Pet Protector 2 » Collect any 20 blue unique dungeon treasures before your 19th birthday

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