Music Catch 2 is a music game where you catch shapes generated by music. It is the sequel to Reflexive's game Music Catch. The play style is the same as before but it now comes with many new additions that you unlock as you play through the game.


Use your mouse to collect the musical notes and other shapes. The game uses the chosen song to generate musical notes or other shapes depending on your setting. Most of the shapes are blue and give the player points if collected. The yellow shapes increase your multiplier, which gives you more points per blue shape collected. Red shapes halves your multiplier if collected, but for each multiplier you lose a yellow shape is generated. If you're quick enough, you might be able to get back most of the yellow shapes and get most of your multiplier back. If you collect a purple shape, for a short amount of time all blue and yellow notes will be pulled to your mouse cursor.

The object of the game is to achieve a highscore. Each song has its own highscore list, as songs may vary greatly in difficulty. Using the "Mp3 from URL" option, you can load any song. The game remembers any songs you've recently used.


You may choose between three piano tunes by composer Isaac Shepherd or load any song from a URL. Changing which shapes to collect does not affect gameplay, but pattern and motion settings impacts the gameplay and may affect the difficulty of the game.


  • Leaves in the Wind
  • Gentle
  • Letting Go
  • MP3 from URL


  • Music
  • Sky
  • Floral
  • Abstract
  • Random


  • In & Out
  • Fixed
  • Straight
  • Radar
  • Spiral


  • Right
  • Left
  • Wave
  • Breath
  • Fixed


Flying Purple Power Eater
  Flying Purple Power Eater Badge
Easy pts
Music Catch 2 » Collect 10 purple power-ups across every game
Raking the Leaves
  Raking the Leaves Badge
Medium pts
Music Catch 2 » Collect 4,000 total shapes during "Leaves in the Wind"
Gentle Giant
  Gentle Giant Badge
Medium pts
Music Catch 2 » End the song "Gentle" with at least a 100x multiplier
Never Gonna Let You Down
  Never Gonna Let You Down Badge
Hard pts
Music Catch 2 » Score 5,000,000 total points in the song "Letting Go"

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