Music Catch is a music game where you catch shapes with your mouse cursor. In addition to being a Flash game on Kongregate, it is also available for iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms.


The game's fairly simple gameplay is centered around moving an orb around with the mouse cursor to catch different colored falling shapes. The music playing in the background generates the shapes and they appear from a rotating white line as a note of the music that is playing. There are different types of falling shapes. The greenish blue shapes are worth points. Yellow shapes increase your point multiplier and make your orb grow larger. You have to avoid touching the red notes, as they cut your multiplier in half. The best shapes are the purple ones. They temporarily give your orb the power to suck in all the good shapes and constitute a huge boost to your score.

The song featured in the online version is titled "Before Dawn" and was written by Music Catch's developer, Isaac Shepard. It is a soothing classical piece and the shapes seem to ebb and flow with the music.

Reflexive Entertainment has also released a downloadable version of Music Catch that is available for purchase. The downloadable version includes the ability to play along to any MP3 on the user's computer. If you use other songs than the one that the game originally includes, you get a different pace and flow of the gameplay as the song generates the shapes to catch.


Color Collector
  Color Collector Badge
Easy pts
Music Catch » Collect 2,000 shapes
Musical Multiplication
  Musical Multiplication Badge
Medium pts
Music Catch » Reach a x50 multiplier
Symphony of Lights
  Symphony of Lights Badge
Hard pts
Music Catch » Score 2,000,000 points

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