Monsters' Den is a dungeon crawler role-playing game in the Rogue-like genre. This game has endless levels with plenty of loot.


This is essentially a turn-based, tactical dungeon crawl. At the start of the game, you choose your party of four characters which you will keep for the duration of the game. You also pick one of the four difficulties, Beginner, Standard, Hardcore and Extreme. Then you start clearing the dungeon floors beating enemies and searching for treasure. The game has an endless amount of levels and each dungeon floor is randomly created.

The first time you enter battle, make sure you drag your team members to appropriate positions. When a character's turn comes around, his portrait will be highlighted, and you can simply click on a creature within range to attack it. You can use special abilities, such as healing spells or special attacks, from the grid on the left by clicking on the ability and then on its target.

The game does not use experience points to determine the characters' levels. Instead, characters gain Skill points and Stat points when you descend down to a new dungeon level. Skill points can be used to gain new skills or upgrade your existing skills. You can only equip six skills on each character, so you have to choose which to bring to battle.


Monsters' Den battle

The Battle screen

Your party consists of 4 party members. Each of them can be one of five classes; Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Ranger or Rogue. Each class has a different set of skills and can use different armor and weapons. Before each battle, you arrange your characters on a 2x3 grid. Warriors and other short-range fighters should go in the row closest to the enemy, so they can attack an enemy in the square in front of them or in an adjacent square. Rangers and spell-casters should be in the rear rank, since ranged characters can attack anyone from the back row.


Each of the five classes can learn a number of skills. Each character can equip six skills to being to battle.


All characters have the same slots available for equipment, but the different character classes can use different weapons and armor.


Potions, scrolls


Alcatraztourist Badge
  Alcatraz Tourist Badge
Easy pts
Monsters' Den » Earn 1,000 points in "beginner" mode
Corruptor Disruptor
  Corruptor Disruptor Badge
Medium pts
Monsters' Den » Complete the story mode on "beginner"
Dungeon Curmudgeon
  Dungeon Curmudgeon Badge
Hard pts
Monsters' Den » Load up "hardcore" mode and score 20,000 points
Hardest of Core Badge
  Hardest of Core Badge
Impossible pts
Monsters' Den » Reach level 50 on "hardcore" mode

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