Monster Slayers is a strategy game where you assemble a tiny army to take on waves of monsters. In this game, you must lead your 5-man band on a quest to eradicate all the monsters in the land.


In the game, you move your 5 man army horizontally across the map. You have four commands buttons. Fall Back for retreating, Defend for when you need to make a stand, Attack makes all your units go all out attacking and Quick March in order to move forward and cover ground. You can choose between a number of randomized missions or go for the next story mission. The goal of most stages is to get from one end of the map to another, killing anything in your path. On others you'll just need to take down a boss. When you kill enemies your units gain xp and the monsters drop summon ingredients and gold which you can use for recruiting new units or upgrading their rank. Completing missions and defeating player armies may also grant you hats for your units.

There are four basic units, each which you can spend gold to upgrade into one of two advanced units and then upgraded again. Upgrading won't always change your unit though, sometimes it just beefs them up a little. Each unit can wear one hat which grants it a stat boost. The game gains a little complexity when you must make choices between stats like more attack power or gain healing powers. When an enemy is kill, it sometimes drop a seemingly random item but it is really an ingredient for summoning spells. The summon ingredients that you get from enemies can be used to create a consumable item for summoning a creature. This item is used up after one use. Combine two ingredients and you'll get a summon, each one having a different ability that you can call on in battle.


Player Slayer
  Player Slayer Badge
Easy pts
Monster Slayers » Defeat any other player's army with the multiplayer feature
Veteran Veterinarian
  Veteran Veterinarian Badge
Medium pts
Monster Slayers » Reach the "veteran" rank with one of your units
Song of the Slayer
  Song of the Slayer Badge
Medium pts
Monster Slayers » Complete every story chapter of your adventure

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