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MoneySeize is a pixelart platformer game in which the goal is to accumulate as many coins as possible.


You control the protagonist of the game, called Sir Reginald MoneySeize II, Esq. He is a fat man with a top hat and he requires 1000 coins to build a giant tower. He can jump, double-jump, wall-jump and skid-jump in order to collect coins. As you gain coins and build the tower, you gain access to more levels higher up. There are 40 levels, not counting bonus levels and each of them has 25 coins to collect. There are some coins on each level that are hidden and are harder to find. On most levels, it is impossible to collect all coins in one playthrough, but all levels are infinitely repeatable. Once you reach the door on a level, all the coins you've gained are saved. If you die, you lose all coins gained in that playthrough. Your protagonist is easily killed and dies from a single hit. Luckily, he has an infinite number of lives. The game gets progressively harder as you get higher up the tower and some of the levels can be downright evil.

(Certain birds flee at different things such as pink ones flee when a monster is killed sometimes just pink sometimes all, Green Birds flee if you double jump, and Yellow Birds flee if you take too long to reach them. The time varies depending on the level and bird.)


Burgeoning Bourgeoise
  Burgeoning Bourgeoise Badge
Easy pts
MoneySeize » Collect 50 total coins
Advance to St. James Place
  Advance to St. James Place Badge
Medium pts
MoneySeize » Knock down the orange switch
Door-to-Door Collection Agency
  Door-to-Door Collection Agency Badge
Hard pts
MoneySeize » Complete any 30 levels
The Man with the Golden Coins
  The Man with the Golden Coins Badge
Impossible pts
MoneySeize » Collect all 1010 coins

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