Meat Boy (map pack) is a platformer game. The game is about getting past all the traps to each the end of the maze. This expansion to Meat Boy is comprised of maps created and submitted by users in the two months following the release of the original game. The developers chose the 70 best user made maps for this expansion. The gameplay is the same as in the original Meat Boy, which is a screen scrolling platformer, but is considered even harder. Since the game was considered difficult to begin with, this makes it a really challenging game.


In this challenging platformer, you control Meat Boy, as he goes on a quest to save his beloved, a girl made out of bandaids, from the evil Dr.Fetus, a fetus in a jar wearing a suit and monocle. The goal of each level is to make it to the Bandaid Girl in one piece. Along the way you can collect bonus band-aids to unlock secrets and earn badges. The levels are divided into five categories; Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Impossible. All levels are available at the start of the game, but as there are only 35 band-aids to collect, not all levels contain band-aids.

Meat Boy moves about in the trail of blood he leaves on everything he touches, literally bouncing off the walls to reach his goal, making him hard to control at high speeds. And it's not just the slippery mess that can make things tricky in this game. Spikes, salt, spinning blades and lakes of lava makes it incredibly hard to reach Meat Boy's love interest in one piece.

This expansion does not include the level editor, but since the gameplay is the same as the original game, you can just use that level editor if you wish to create levels.


The secrets from the original game are also available in the map pack. In addition, 8 new unlockables are introduced. 4 new playable characters and 4 fully animated alternate endings are unlocked by collecting band-aids.


Way of the Ninja
  Way of the Ninja Badge
Medium pts
Meat Boy (map pack) » Unlock a very special ninja by collecting 4 band-aids
  Toasty Badge
Hard pts
Meat Boy (map pack) » Unlock the third ending by collecting 16 band-aids
First Aid Masochist
  First Aid Masochist Badge
Impossible pts
Meat Boy (map pack) » Prove your undying love by collecting all 35 band-aids

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