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Loops of Zen is a puzzle game in which the goal is to connect all pieces into a continuous loop. You cant move any pieces, just change their orientation.


The goal on each level is to connect all pieces into one or more continuous loops. The pieces can't be moved, but you can rotate pieces by clicking on them. As long as every connection on all the pieces are connected to another piece, the level is won. Levels are generated randomly, but as you get to higher levels, they increase in complexity. There are 50 levels in Loops of Zen. The game auto-saves how many levels you have beaten and if you start a new game, you can use the arrow keys to skip levels you have previously beaten. The soothing music in the game is "Surrealism" by 4One (Not XGamer. For Reference, please send an email to Image Line, or open up FL Studio and look through the demo projects).


Road to Inner Peace
  Road to Inner Peace Badge
Easy pts
Loops of Zen » Complete level 5
Zen Gardener
  Zen Gardener Badge
Medium pts
Loops of Zen » Complete level 20
Infinite Loop
  Infinite Loop Badge
Hard pts
Loops of Zen » Complete all 50 levels

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