Little Wheel is a short point-and-click adventure game about a robot who is left all alone in the world.


This short game is the story of a world of self-sufficient robots which rely on a power core to generate energy. Everything runs like clockwork until a mishap at the power core shuts down the entire civilization. Ten thousand years later, a chance lightning strike restores power to a lone robot, who sets out into the derelict civilization to reactivate the main power generator.


The game is mouse-controlled and all the puzzles are point and click. The design is friendly and easy to understand. Anything that you can interact with is highlighted with a gray circle around it. There is no inventory system, so the standard routine of collecting any item that is not nailed down and rubbing them against everything to see if it advances the story, doesn't apply here. Instyead the game is puzzle-oriented. Most puzzles are solved by clicking the interactive areas in their correct order.

The silhouette world gives the game a distinct visual appearance and makes it quite beautiful. Combined with the jazzy background music, Little Wheel easily falls in the "Artsy" category. The gameplay is simple and polished, but the game is quite short and the puzzles aren't all that difficult. Click on something and your robot will run off to investigate, and watching its actions will give you clues as to the order in which you should proceed.


Spark of Life
  Spark of Life Badge
Easy pts
Little Wheel » Reach the final room


Little Wheel - Walkthrough06:41

Little Wheel - Walkthrough

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