light-Bot is a puzzle game made by Coolio Niato. A robot must light up the designated squares by following a set of predetermined moves that the player programs.

Gameplay Edit

The objective is to light up all blue squares with the Light-Bot. The Light-Bot can only be controlled with a pre-built algorithm made up of commands. These commands can make the robot move forward, turn 90 degrees in either direction, jump to a higher elevation, light up squares, and follow a function. Functions are basically smaller sequences that can be filled up with commands. They can be used to elongate the amount of commands a light-Bot can have or repeat a sequence. At the end, the player's score is determined by the total number of commands placed in the game.

Walkthrough Edit

To complete these levels, place the following commands listed in order. All credit goes to YouTube user imnutsforbananas for his video walkthrough containing these solutions.

  • Level 1: Walk, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 2: Right, Walk, Left, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Left, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 3: Walk, Jump, Jump, Walk, Left, Bulb, Walk, Bulb, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 4: Walk, Jump, Jump, Walk, Right, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 5: Jump, Walk, Walk, Bulb, Walk, Walk, Walk, Left, Jump, Jump, Jump, Bulb
  • Level 6
    • Main: Walk, Jump, Jump, Right, Jump, Jump, Bulb, Jump, F1, F2
    • F1: Left, Walk, Walk, Walk, Bulb, Right, Right, Walk
    • F2: Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 7
    • Main: Walk, Bulb, F1, F1, F1, Right, Walk, Bulb, Right, F1, F1, F1
    • F1: Walk, Bulb, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 8
    • Main: Jump, Walk, Bulb, F1, F2, F1, F2, F1, F2, F2
    • F1: Walk, Walk, Bulb
    • F2: Right, Walk, Walk, Bulb
  • Level 9
    • Main: F1
    • F1: F2, Bulb, F2, Left, F1
    • F2: Jump, Bulb, Walk
  • Level 10
    • Main: F2
    • F1: Walk, Walk, Walk, Bulb, Jump, Left, Jump, Jump
    • F2: F1, Left, F1, Walk, Right, Jump, Jump, F2
  • Level 11
    • Main: F1
    • F1: Left, F2, Left, Left, F2, Left, Walk, F1
    • F2: Jump, Jump, Bulb, Jump, Jump, Bulb, Jump, Bulb
  • Level 12
    • Main: Walk, Jump, F1, F1, F1, F1, Left, F1, F1, F1
    • F1: F2, F2, F2, Right
    • F2: Jump, Bulb

Badges Edit

  Stairway to the Light Badge
Easy pts
light-Bot » Complete level 5
  Friends with Functions Badge
Hard pts
light-Bot » Complete all 12 levels

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