Learn to Fly is a launcher game where you play as a penguin attempting to fly using a ramp and various gadgets. In this game, your goal is simple: fly as high, long, and far as possible.


You attempt to fly as far as possible. Flying high, long and far gives you cash you can spend on upgrades. You can also gain cash from completing achievements on each level. The goal is to reach 6000 ft. in the shortest amount of turns. Once you reach your goal, you may continue playing to see how far you can fly.


Left/right arrow key adjusts angle

Spacebar activates rockets


There are six upgrades to choose from.

  • Ramp Height lets you start higher up.
  • Acceleration makes the ramp slipperier, meaning you start faster.
  • Air Resistance, lets you keep your speed longer. It requires a good Glider to be useful, because having a bad one or none at all makes you drop like a stone.
  • Gliders reduces how much you drop while flying, allowing you to reach greater flight lengths.
  • Rockets give you a boost when you need it.
  • Rocket Fuel increases the amount you can use your rockets.

Walkthrough Edit

For a speed completion (required for the hardest badge), you need to purchase upgrades efficiently. The following table provides one path:

Day Purchase Jump
1 n/a 5'
2 Acceleration 1 5' - Distance
3 Glider (if possible), Ramp Height 1 and Air Resistance 1 otherwise 5' - height (with glider), distance otherwise
4 Ramp Height 1 and Air Resistance 1 (or glider) 5' - height
5 Ramp Height 2, Acceleration 3 10'
6 Air resistance 3, Rocket 1 5' - Speed
7 Fuel 3 20'
8 Ramp Height 6 20' - height, glide
9 Glider 2, Air resistance 6 10' - distance, speed
10 Acceleration 6 35' height, glide time
11 Glider 3, Fuel 5. 20' -- distance, speed
12 Rocket 2, 35 -- distance, speed
13 Ramp Height 10, Air Resistance 9 50' - height, glide time
14 Any remaining upgrades 50' - speed, distance.

A video walthrough is also shown here:


Each stage requires a certain number of achievements to unlock. Completing them also rewards you with cash.

5' Ramp:

  • Travel 40 feet
  • Fly up to 10 feet
  • Reach 45 mph
  • Glide for 5 seconds

10' Ramp:

  • Travel 200 feet
  • Fly up to 25 feet
  • Reach 70 mph
  • Glide for 8 seconds

20' Ramp:

  • Travel 650 feet
  • Fly up to 45 feet
  • Reach 100 mph
  • Glide for 15 seconds

35' Ramp:

  • Travel 1500 feet
  • Fly up to 100 feet
  • Reach 150 mph
  • Glide for 25 seconds

50' Ramp:

  • Travel 4000 feet
  • Fly up to 225 feet
  • Reach 225 mph
  • Glide for 35 seconds
  • Complete The Game


High in the Sky
  High in the Sky Badge
Easy pts
Learn to Fly » Maintain your flight for 5 full seconds
Beakbreaking Speed
  Beakbreaking Speed Badge
Medium pts
Learn to Fly » Achieve a top speed of 150 mph
Achieving the Impossible
  Achieving the Impossible Badge
Medium pts
Learn to Fly » Complete the final 6,000-distance achievement
  Around the World in 18 Days Badge
Hard pts
Learn to Fly » Complete your mission in 18 days or fewer

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