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The major languages spoken on Kongregate are:

  • Català or Catalan
  • 官話 or Traditional Mandarin, 官话 or Simplified Mandarin
  • Dansk or Danish
  • Nederlands or Dutch
  • English
  • Suomi or Finnish
  • Français or French
  • Deutsch or German
  • Magyar Nyelv or Hungarian
  • Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian
  • Italiano or Italian
  • 日本語 or Japanese
  • 한국어/조선말 or Korean
  • Norsk Bokmål or Common Norwegian
  • Język Polski or Polish
  • Português or Portuguese
  • Limba Română or Romanian
  • русский язык or Russian
  • Español or Spanish
  • Svenska or Swedish
  • Tagalog (same name)
  • Türkçe or Turkish

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