Purchasing Kreds on Kongregate

Kreds is Kongregate's micro-transaction currency. It allows a user to make in-game purchases in specific games. It may be used to purchase upgrades, extra lives, power-ups, additional levels, more content or whatever the game's developers choose to offer up for purchase.


Kreds are virtual coins that can be spent within games on Kongregate with micro-transaction purchases available. These games use the wallet API to offer purchases of additional content. Once your account is funded, you’ll be able to instantly purchase power ups and virtual items within many games on the site. Kreds may be purchased directly using PayPal, credit/debit card or charged to your cell phone bill. There may also be offers to obtain free Kreds by completing surveys (please note that sometimes completing tasks to receive free Kreds won't work, and some offers may be shady, use with caution). If you add a virtual item to your cart that you don’t have the funds to cover, you will be sent to the screen for purchasing more Kreds. While games on Kongregate will always be free for anyone to enjoy, Kreds enable players to purchase bonuses that would not otherwise be available or that would take longer to acquire.

PowerUp RewardsEdit

Whenever you buy Kreds you’ll score PowerUp Rewards points. You'll be getting approximately one PowerUp Reward point per Kred, up to 1000 points. You may use these points to purchase more Kreds.

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