Konguest is a Kongregate community competition started and run by Ryknig. Konguest will comprise of 10 elimination rounds and then a multi-player game final showdown with the finalists.


  1. 30 Kreds
  2. 10 Kreds
  3. 5 Kreds


  • No cheating under ANY circumstances, that means no editing screenshots, no hacking the games, nada.
  • If you think someone is hacking WHISPER ME on my profile and if possible supply screenshot of the reason why you think said person is hacking.
  • Screenshots must be provided for every score, please use the !‘s on either end of your link to make my life easier, although a link is acceptable.
  • The screenshot must have your ’Connection established’ name viewable and your chat/highscore name viewable.
  • No editing posts to include new screenshots, instead make a new post, any edits WILL be ignored, whether I see them or not
  • Videos of you playing a game for a score will not be accepted except in the final round, or as proof that you haven’t cheated and you must make said video while I am in the chat room talking to you so as there is evident proof that you are doing it.
  • All aspects of proceeding to the next round must be met to proceed or you shall get knocked out!

Qualifier RoundEdit

List of competitors that have passed the qualifier

The Konguest qualifier requires anyone wanting to join to score 250 or more points on Boomshine

Group Test StagesEdit

Real Time Scores for Current Round

Round 1: SkillEdit

The groups and the final scores from Round 1

The 150 players have been divided into 5 groups of 30 for the next couple of stages, where players will have their skill, reflexes and endurance challenged

Set a high score on Brain Bones.

The bottom 3 players in each group will be eliminated at 17:00 GMT on Thursday 21st May.

Round 2: EnduranceEdit

The groups and the final scores from Round 2

Please Note: There is a change to the screen shot format this round. Screen shots this round must have highscores open on "Psychotic Mode" with your name visible in them

In Round 2 players must set the highest score they can on Qwerty Warriors 2. The 5 players coming last in each group will go out at 0900 GMT on Monday 25th of May 2009

Round 3 is cancelled due to the losses from Round 1

League StagesEdit

Rounds 3 onward will place players in one or more leagues where their score/rank in each round will earn them points in their league and the overall league leaders will go through to the finals.

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