Kongregate Forum

Screenshot of the Kongregate forum.

The Kongregate forum is a forum for discussing anything related to Kongregate. This includes the company, the site itself, and anything on the site.

The ForumEdit

This forum contains threads about Kongregate itself. Anything about the company, the site, content on the site or anything else relating to Kongregate is discussed here. Common topics include complaints, suggestions, Kreds, backing up or the loss of savefiles, chat rooms, users, avatars, badges, achievements, GameStop acquiring Kongregate, ratings, policies and game updates. The forum has many threads with helpful tools, scripts, custom search engines, tutorials and general tips for the site. This is also where users come to discuss anything related to their accounts, points, levels or issues with other users. There are multiple threads where Kongregate admins inform users about changes on the site or have open discussions about site changes and policies.

Popular threadsEdit

One of the biggest threads in the forum is the Suggestion thread where users post any suggestions they have for Kongregate. There's also a quite popular thread where Greg informs about upcoming badges and discusses difficulty and viability of these badges. The most popular thread by far is the Ultimate Kongregate Photo Topic, where any user may post pictures of themselves or other relevant pictures.

Forum ModeratorsEdit

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