The Kongregate+ logo since 12-20-2011

On the 20th December 2011, Kongregate introduced a premium subscription package called Kongregate Plus or Kong+ for short. Kong+ costs $29.99 for a one year membership. You may purchase Kong+ membership for another Kongregate user as a gift.


The main feature of Kong+ is that your Kongregate experience is ad-free. No ads anywhere on the site including the animated ads that sometimes pop up in the game window when a game loads. No worries, though, as the developers still gain monetary support from your playing their game (just as if the ads were there)!

There are a few chat rooms which are only for Kong+. This means that only subscribers to Kong+ and moderators can join these chat rooms. These rooms have the Premium icon icon after their name in the chat list. Kong+ users can also create their own private chat rooms. These rooms are more like private messaging between multiple users and is not listed in the chat room list. The user that created the room has to invite other users to join this room. The user that creates the room needs to have a Kong+ subscription, but any type of users can be invited. This feature allows for in-game guilds to create their own chat where no other guilds can join the room to spy on them. If a user is called bob their kong plus room would be called bob's private chat

Users with Kong+ membership get a Premium icon icon next to their name in the chat, just for bragging rights. Kong Plus members can also choose from a wide array of profile skins made just for them by Kongregate's web designers and other talented artists. There are skins consisting of game art from Kongregate games. Users with Kong+ no longer need to sign up for Beta testing Kongregate games, since all Kong+ users automatically gain access to all games in Beta. All Kong Plus members' queries and complaints are given red flags and are prioritized before other requests to customer support.

Included in the Kong Plus subscription, is a one-time package of 50 Kreds. If you live in the US, you can also take advantage of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards bonus. For every Badge of the Day you earn, you'll score twice the PowerUp Rewards points.

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